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Favourite teams and competitions

Favourite teams and competitions

Choose what you want to see first. By choosing your favourite teams and competitions, the matches of the day lists will be ordered according to your preferences.

Read this article to find out how you can edit your favourites.

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Friday, November 20 2015

Football Today the way you like it:

  • The matches of the day list will show first the matches of your favourite competitions;
  • It will never hide matches of your favourite competitions, even if there are lot of matches that day your competitions will never be hidden;
  • Your favourite teams will be shown at the top of the list, with a green star by each of them;
  • If you are missing a competition, just click the dented wheel to add more competitions to your favourites;
  • Football today is available at:

Zapping will always highlight your favourite teams:

  • The matches of the day of your favourite teams with TV broadcasts or live streaming at bookmakers will show up first with a green star next to them;
  • The zapping list is ordered according to the time of the match and isn't influenced by your favourite competitions, so it's very important you set your favourite teams;
  • A complete Zapping list is available at:, the zapping of the day is at the homepage and is also available in other pages throughout the site.

Set your favourites at:

Click the "options" or the "star" to set your favourites:

favoritos-buton-01.jpg favoritos-buton-02.jpg

If it's the first time you access your favourites' options, follow the assistant, which is based on your location.



You can access your favourites options anytime at

1st Tab: Choose your favourite competitions and order them on the right-hand side


2nd Tab: Choose your favourite teams and order them on the right-hand side



Set the site according to your preferences and have easier access to what you like. This is a tool which is available for all Academy members!



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