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Ranking Poker hands

Ranking Poker hands

Ranking poker hands

Have a look, ordered from best to worst, at the ranking of possible Hold'em games and other poker variations.
The rules of poker are very simple, you'll quickly memorize the ranking of the different hands.

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Friday, April 10 2015

  • Royal Straight Flush or Royal Flush
Royal Flush
Composed of 5 cards of the same suite, in sequence, from 10 to Ace.
  • Straight Flush
Straight Flush
Sequence of any 5 cards of the same suite, the Ace can be the highest or lowest card.
  • Four of a kind or Poker
Composed of 4 cards of equal value.
  • Full House
Full House
Composed of a three of a kind and a pair.
  • Flush
Composed of 5 cards of the same suit without any sequence.
  • Straight
Composed of 5 sequential cards of different suits.
  • Trio
Composed of 3 cards of equal value.
  • Two pairs
Dois pares
Composed of 2 pairs.
  • Pair
Composed of 2 cards of equal value.
  • High card
Carta Alta
When you cannot compose any hand with your cards, the value of your game is determined by the highest card in your possession, 2 being the lowest the Ace the highest.

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  1. GlenCurtis 11 Feb 2020 - 21:16
    Thanks for this information. It is useful for beginner poker players.
  1. Tedy321 06 Nov 2020 - 17:59
    Academia wrote:

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