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Last minute goals

Last minute goals
Paulo Ribeiro's chronicle on Penthouse Magazine Portugal, May 2012
"Is there a more intense feeling than the massive adrenaline discharge of a last minute goal?"
by Paulo Rebelo   |   comments 0
Thursday, April 23 2015

I'll tell you one thing: those are the matches you will never forget. I've already worked on thousands of matches but I remember vividly those where last minute goals made my prediction pan out.

The opposite has also happened... My team getting relaxed and, at the end (on a strike that usually bounces of two defenders before rolling in), concedes a goal that ruins the work done through a whole outing. Keep in mind though, barring any mistake you might have made, those games are to be forgotten.

Last minute goals raise a question: is a bet won on the last play considered lucky?

From my point of view: it depends on the match but it does not depend on the fact that the goal was scored on the last minute. That is, if we bet on Benfica and they dominate the match, create loads of scoring opportunities, blast 2 shots on the woodwork, miss a penalty and only score on the last play of the game, then my bet was well made and I only got unlucky. It would be pure bad luck if Benfica would not have won.

A bit of advice: goals scored on injury time are not that uncommon, you can frequently find valuable opportunities there. You must be conscious however that the most likely event is that the result will not change, if it does though, you want to be on the right side of the equation in order to get some significant profits.

Betting on the match raises our emotions as a viewer and a goal scored on the last minute boosts that moment to unforgettable levels.

The most epic of goals is that one that is scored by the goals keeper, how goas up on the last play of the match during a corner kick, who closes his eyes and heads the ball in. The opposite can also happen, the goal keeper goes up, misses the goals and on the counter the other team scores on an empty goals and gives us a win on our number of goals scored bet.

At the top of it all, a bettor's worst nightmare: A last minute penalty! No heart can take it.

Until the moment where the man shots the penalty we get to see cries of clemency towards the referee, a monsoon of bookings, back and forth trips to the linesman asking him to intervene, hands on heads, the coach being sent to his technical space by the fourth referee, etc. It seems like they forget that there are people betting on the match waiting for the penalty to be scored!

What should we do until the player shoots the penalty? I must confess that I've done it all, but, of all the options, none of them involved me staying still on my seat.


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