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Doubts about the occupation Trader

Doubts about the occupation Trader
Being a professional trader isn't an exhausting job if it makes you professionally happy.

The key moment that made me study to become a professional trader was when I was able to win 10% with 50€.
by Paulo Rebelo   |   comments 0
Monday, February 2 2015

Several questions were made to me by different people over time, so I selected some that I found most relevant:

  • I consider being trader a highly wearing job, and only suitable for few.

Like every job, it depends if it fulfils you or not. I would be more tired being a security guard and not doing anything for 4 hours (I’ve done it) than working one day in stock market. But I understand what you mean and I agree that it’s not job for everyone, but for someone with the right skills.

  • I ask it, because for what I understood, your method is about “small” earning per trade, making hundreds of operations per game, which in my opinion, can be very stressful when something goes in the opposite direction of what was planned, being this is the crucial point that differentiates traders.
Yes, I try to do the maximum but taking the minimum possible risk and that implies being exposed the less period of time. Without doubt that it is very demanding and because of that I don’t do more than one game per day.

  • Have you ever been a financial market trader?
Yes, and I think that experience brings me advantages in the gambling market.

  • You do exclusively trading or you also do direct bets, such as Asian market?
I still do simple bets in games that I prepare to work but I ended up not working with (because I choose another one). However the profit percentage in simple bets (punter analyses) is timeliness.

  • When have you realized that you could use trading in a professional way? What was the “key” moment, and how long it took you after that moment to “drop everything else”?
When I started to win in a consistent way, more then I would in any other job.

I didn’t have to “drop all the rest”. By that time I was in university and because I was a good student I was living of 2 scholarships, (didn’t have to work). That free time was essential to study Betfair in a deep way.
But with no doubt that the key moment that made me decide to be seriously dedicated to Betfair was when I won almost 10% by doing trading with my 50€.
I realized that what I’ve done was amazing and if I really committed to that, I could do it a consistent way.

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